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Snow skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in Kashmir and around the world. It is not only a great workout, but also a wonderful way to experience nature and stay active outdoors during the colder months. Though skiers can be part of a competitive team, it is most common for small groups of friends and family to enjoy a casual day or weekend on the ski slopes. Gliding through the snow at high speeds can be very exhilarating. Because skiing requires snow, it is a significant cultural and economic factor in colder climates, though most areas with a decently cold winter have local mountains, hills and other ski areas for public use.Gulmarg is an all-weather resort with beautiful summer meadows, alpine forests and pastoral scenes to keep the camera busy. It has the world’s highest golf course, invented by the Brits stationed here back in the day, of course, and a few popular day trips and hikes such as to the nearby Baba Reshi shrine.The ski resort of Gulmarg is remarkably easy to access, especially compared to other Himalayan resorts and hill stations such as Manali in Himachal Pradesh. In terms of travel time, it’s pretty much three hours from Delhi. All major airlines have daily flights from Delhi to Srinagar. Skiing can be both a fun, recreational activity, and a competitive sport. Competitions are organized by the International Ski Federation. There are different events to compete in, including but not limited to freestyle, long jump and slalom, where skiers race down a slope while maneuvering through a course of flags. Some ski events feature jumps and tricks around obstacles like another popular winter mountain sport, snowboarding.

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